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Roads to automation

Intelligent automatization of document handling

In our portfolio you can find a wide range of solutions and products for both the public and the private sector.

Our solutions are developed with Alphatrods ToolBoX, a digital toolbox specially designed for process development and improvement of process stability and function.

With a process from us, our customers always benefit from our ToolBoX. Thereby, we ensure that end users have full control over their processes, access to operational and statistical tools as well as methods for handling solutions with built-in AI.

Our solution is divided into three main tracks, where we go 360° around process development and operation.

Find the right path  


When Alphatrods is to be responsible for the entire process development

With Alphatrods automation, you get a solid solution where Alphatrods is responsible for the entire process.

We start by making a recording of the process flow, after which we prepare a process description, which we review with you before we begin to develop the process itself.

We develop the process with our framework tool “Alphatrods ToolBoX”.

Once the process is developed, we test it before putting it into operation.

Together with you, we check that the process runs as desired.

When everything runs smoothly, we put it into operation and keep a particularly close eye on it during first weeks, where we correct any errors.

Then we hand it over to you, where you have the possibility access the system and keep an eye on everything running as it should and possibly send a case for re-run if necessary.


If you want to do it yourself

With Alphatrods’ DIY solution, you get our ToolBoX and with that all the tools needed to develop digital processes.

Alphatrods ToolBoX is a framework tool that allows you to standardize your work method, code in your preferred language, add the agents you want, and tie it all together.

You also get access to a PDF extractor developed by Alphatrods, as well as a proposed work method.

There is limited support included in the solution, but if you need more assistance, you can always purchase support from Alphatrods through a clip card arrangement.


When you want to do some processes yourself and leave others to Alphatrods

Alphatrods MixIT is the solution for those who code themselves but don’t have the time to manage all processes. With this solution, you always have Alphatrods on the sidelines.

You gain access to Alphatrods ToolBoX and all its advantages.

You can handle some processes on your own and delegate other processes to Alphatrods.

You also always have the option to consult with Alphatrods when needed.

Alphatrods ToolBox

ToolBoX provides you with unique tools for streamlining and standardizing your processes.

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