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Automation Platform
Process automation

Alphatrods Automation Platform

Optimising and automating business processes creates value
for both the company and the employees

Process automation

At Alphatrods, we specialise in optimising and automating business processes.
Process automation leaves room for employees to use their competences on more productive tasks.

You will get a user-friendly solution where the RPA navigates the company’s programmes in the same way as an employee would.

The automated process performs the routine tasks that employees would otherwise spend time on.

Our solutions make it possible for the user to access the system even if the solution is automated and spans several different systems and data sources. This gives end users full control and overview of their own processes.


Do you work with or are you responsible for development of digital process automation?

Alphatrod’s ToolBoX, is the perfect tool for development and further improvement of automation solutions.