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About Alphatrods

We build intelligent office robots, so our customers have more time for business and spend less on routine tasks

The story behind…

Alphatrods was born in 2016 with a vision to make automation easy and accessible – for everyone.

Since then, we have developed automation solutions for various companies and organizations. Today, we operate and maintain hundreds of robots for private companies, authorities, and other types of organizations, while constantly developing the ability to take advantage of the possibilities of intelligent automation.
Overall, it is one of the most complex automation setups built on competencies, experience, and a wide range of technologies in a proven RPA architecture. This makes it possible to maintain an efficient robot park.

We can only do this because we have the most robust and efficient team to develop, maintain and operate software robots.

We have gathered all our experiences into one complete solution, RPA as a Service, which includes all costs and work tasks by automating, making it possible for both large and small companies to embark on a value-creating automation journey.

Are you curious about the possibilities with software robots and want to know more, then get in touch with us?

We are happy to share our experiences😊

More than 100 Companies Trust
Our Robots

RPA As A Service – A Plug And Play Solution For Everyone

Do you dream of a solution where you have to select the manual work processes that you want to automate and then press a button so that the robot takes over?

That’s what RPA as a Service is all about!

We have created a comprehensive solution that includes all costs and work tasks of automation, making it possible for both large and small companies to embark on a value-creating automation journey where the investment at start-up is reduced to a minimum.

In Alphatrods, we take care of technology selection, licensing costs, documentation, RPA architecture, development, safety, operation, ongoing maintenance, and continued “training” and development of the robots. All at a simple and fixed price, where all you have to do to get started is assess value creation and ROI.

In other words, as a customer, you only need to consider which processes need to be automated and how the efficiencies and savings in the future will benefit your business.

It sounds easy – and it is!